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Mould In Building Disputes In Australia

What to do when water damages a new home construction?

Last year I was asked to give a talk at the Building Dispute Practitioners’ Society about mould. In preparing for this lecture, I did quite a bit of research reviewing many of the legal cases I have been involved in as an expert witness as well as what was available on AustLII for mould litigation. The following blog post is a brief summary of this lecture. I also prepared a research paper for the Building Dispute Practitioners’ Society Newsletter and a separate version for the Journal of Bacteriology & Mycology. The full paper is available there. What follows then is a teaser of the mini-review of the science and practice of dealing with mould in the built environment. The focus is on education for builders and building consultants, architects, engineers, solicitors, barristers and arbitrators who have an interest in dispute resolution within the property law space.

How I Might Be Able To Help You?

Usually the solution to any dispute is to tease apart the facts from the emotional pain-points. I can help with evidence-based science. Sometimes all you need is some visual evidence like one of our settle plate kits. Sometimes you need more of a forensic-level inspection at your property? Sometimes all you need is a careful desktop review of the information you already have available.

If you think you need some advice, you probably do. Give me a call or send me an email and if I can help you, I will :)  

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