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Making it Easier for Tenants to Complain to Property Managers & Landlords

RentRight app from Consumer Affairs Victoria

If you are living in a rented property, it is your right to live in a clean and problem free environment. While it is usually the responsibility of the landlord to make sure that the property is maintained in good condition, you as the tenant have a responsibility to inform your landlord about any repair or problem that needs to be fixed. It is often easier to contact the property manager via your real estate agency who in turn is obligated to inform the landlord about any amenity issues, OHS problems and repairs.

Great way to lodge a formal complaint

It has been observed in the past that landlords sometimes don’t take complaints made by their tenants seriously or only take appropriate action once the problem becomes serious or legally binding. For example, it’s easy for a landlord to listen to your grievance and then not take follow up action by pretending to forgot or by replying that you (the tenant) did not make a formal complaint. To overcome such problems, you as the tenant now have the option of sending your complaint quickly and in a formal manner using a new app called RentRight for you smart phone that has been developed by Consumer Affairs Victoria. This wonderful app has email templates and other tools to make it possible for you to make your property manager and landlord legally aware about tenancy problems you are facing in just a few clicks.

Many uses of RentRight

Using RentRight, you can inform your property manager or landlord about minor or major repairs that need to be fixed in your rented property. As well, you have the ability to send photos of the problem such as mould or condensation issues, leaking plumbing or faulty bathroom exhaust fans along with your email. You only need to download RentRight onto your iPhone or Android phone to start using this app for sending your complaints in a formal manner. This app also gives you extensive information regarding the rights and responsibilities of landlords in your area. RentRight even allows you to calculate your payable rent for a given duration based upon your monthly rent.

Use this app with our DIY mould testing kits to provide a lab report along with your claim under adverse amenity and OHS risk from in many cases foreseeable building defects or problems.

RentRight is the perfect app for all tenants since it helps in many different ways. But its' best use is in sending time and date-stamped formal complaints about minor or urgent repairs to the managing agent and landlord along with photographic images instantly. This app allows you to lodge urgent claims for repair of water damage and mould problems or other repair complaints so that your managing agent and landlord can take corrective action in a prompt manner. The app contains many preloaded email templates to choose form when sending your complaint.

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